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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Since the time we moved in to our new home, it's only two months ago that we were able to have our front yard renovated and placed a gate on the garage for our safety. Robbery and house intruders are one of the common things that happen this days and not just one but there are several houses in our neighborhood that were victims of this vicious plans of robbers and thief. 

Although, our house is not that big and a garage door is really not necessary, i still opt to have one for my peace of mind.  I always believe on the saying of chinese that having a house construction and renovations are dead money, you rather invest it on more fruitful things and business than build a house unless you really have that extra funds or budgets at hand.   But because, we seek for security, i think having this renovation is exception to the rule.  
sunflower gate

We opt to have a gate that is simple and modern but as i said, it should be trendy.  I thought of having a genie garage door opener but i guess, it would somehow be out of tune to place one.

On the other hand, garage door opener such as this is very reliable, it's very hand and easy to manage.  I remember the time i visited a friend of mine, she has a lovely garage and i could not help but admire the automatic features of her gate.  Garage door opener is very easy to assemble and install but of course, if your having some problems over the installation, you always have the option to ask for help.  There are only few times that i have seen an automatic garage, the once i saw were on television and movies and it makes me really wonder, how it was done.  Technology is indeed very beautiful because it can make your life more easy and comfortable. 

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