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Saturday, September 08, 2012

A woman's hair is her crown and glory, that's what my grand mother used to tell me and i guess, it's not just me who believes on that saying and for years, i maintained those shiny long black hair but as time change and as i grow older, i tend to seek new style and changes on my hair and the once long black hair become more shorter and shorter and one day, i eventually decided that i wanted a colored hair like the models and actresses i have seen in movies and television. 

So, i look for hair stylist supplies that can fit on what i desire.  I have my hair colored in the salon but later on decided that i wanted a different color and look for one in the mall.  I also bought some hair spa and hair accessories that could fit my new hair color but i guess, having your hair colored needs additional treatments and attention.  I don't know till when i will keep this color or maybe for another six months, i might change my mind and put a different color but for now, i have never see myself having that long black hair again.  

Who knows, maybe in the near future. 


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