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Thursday, September 20, 2012

As a parent, we always wanted that our children is healthy and happy.  With the recent weather problems and considering the fact that your child is now going to school, they are more prone to sickness especially cough and colds.  That's why as a mother, we wanted to be sure that they are protected.  

Protection comes in many forms and one of these forms is to assure that they are regularly taking vitamins C.  Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to ensure a healthy kid because it boosts immunity against sickness.  

Since Peachy is just a baby, we only trust one brand of ascorbic acid and I guess we have profoundly manifested our trust on this brand through different posts, she is one certified Ceelin Baby.  Ceelin has been a part of our daily routine, I guess, it's because I have trusted this brand for a long time and I have always believed that prevention is better than cure. 

Although, it's hypocrite to say that my child never experienced coughs and colds in her life,  actually we have a fair share of experiences that we need to bring her to the doctor because of heavy breathing.  But nevertheless, that experience is very rare and I guess i owe that to healthy living and of course with the help of her vitamins. 

But as she grew older, there are days that she doesn't want to drink her vitamins anymore.  As a mom, I don't want to compromise her health, so i have to think of another way to make her vitamin time as fun as possible.  Good thing,there's a new vitamin c that comes in a pop-rocks format, it fizzles and pops inside the mouth making the experience more enjoyable. 

From the same makers of Ceelin, a new exciting and fun vitamin c was introduced in the market, Vita Pops contains 50 mg. of vitamin c and contained in a single dose easy to tear sachet.  The packaging is convenient because we don't need to worry about spillage or breakage of bottles.  It's handy and easy to bring just anywhere, so there's no way that we can forget vitamin time. 

Vita pops is the first and only pop rocks vitamin c in the country today and it only has 1/5 sugar content compared to any regular vitamins and formulated with sodium ascorbate making it more friendly to our kids tummy.  One sachet is equivalent to five glasses of milk, that's mean, i don't need to worry even if Peachy would not want to take her milk. 

Seeing the packaging, Peachy got curious and without any hesitation took the vitamins and i could see her smile while eating those small pieces of vitamins. Curious about it, I took another sachet and tried it for myself, indeed the feeling is true. 

Although it is recommended for 7 to 12 years old but it can be given as early as four years old.  It's safe and does not cause any allergies so mom like me don't have any reason to worry. 

Each sachet is sold for Php. 10.00 in all leading drugstores in the country. 

Disclaimer:  Although, i received a sample.  All opinions are 100% mine unless stipulated. 


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  1. I bought 10 sachets of Vita Pops yesterday. Let's see if it would work on my forever picky eater, Yona :)

  2. My son loves VitaPops, too! He likes the popping sound whenever he puts VitaPops granules inside his mouth. Healthy can be fun with VitaPops!

  3. I've been reading a lot of blog post about this, and tried it. My kids love it!

  4. Waaaa I need to write mine na. I was happy that Dindin liked the taste and was not squeamish about the popping. She is too picky!

  5. Isa lang vitamins mga anak ko ever, Ceelin! I think, mas madali ang vita pops kasi I could carry and put in a bag at chewable pa..

  6. I want to try this for my daughter, unfortunately, she's only 2 years of age.

    She's taking Ceelin syrup as a vitamin C supplement.

  7. I'm getting curious with vitapops as I've seen a lot of posts about it. My daughter is already 10 years old but she hates vitamins and medicines. I'm sure she's going to like vitapops as taking it is just like eating popping candies.

  8. I am sharing this recipe from Real Simple because it is a great use for ... Those longwords you see on the label 

  9. Like mommy Rossel I'm curious about this vitapops, looks good!

  10. This vitamins Vitapops really rocks.. What I love about this is that it is very handy and kids will be excited every time they take vit.C

  11. VitaPops is really yummy and my daughter loves it too!

  12. My son is a certified Ceelin baby also. Up to now, he's already 11, he still drinks it everyday.


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