Early detection of cervical cancer

Monday, October 29, 2012

Women are more prone to many diseases because we undergoes different stages in our life and faces different trials and stress.  As a mother, we need to stay strong and healthy not just for our family but also for our own good.   Cervical cancer is just one of the many problems/sickness that women suffers and early detection of this dreaded disease is very important to avoid bigger problems arising in the future.

Doctors and specialists are the person who can help us detect health problems, if you find yourself suffering from vaginal problems, don't hesitate to ask the advise of your ob-gyne because they are the one who can give you answers.  Through the help of colposcope, an examination was done to the cervix and vagina to detect this disease and when the result becomes positive, it is always good to seek second opinion and ask ways on how it can be cured. 

We always perceive the Big C as something big and very bad that's why early detection is always a good way to solve the problem. 


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