Getting Ready for Holiday Spending

Monday, October 01, 2012

As soon as September comes, many of us are looking forward on the holiday season.  It's a time of year when happiness of gift giving is shared to our family and friends.  but are you ready for this big spending?

Here's a simple tips for all holiday shoppers out there.  

Be a budget savvy 
Find beautiful but affordable gifts.  Buy gift from thrifty store or trade fairs where you can find affordable items.  As christmas season approaches, there are many trade fairs and bargain stalls that are selling products that can be a perfect gift for a reasonable price.  some of this are also unique items that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Buy within your means
Even if we want to please everybody we know by giving them gifts, make sure to stick within your budget or else, you might be ending incurring debts on your credit cards or getting short in cash for other important things. 

Be practical
Sometimes we tend to buy gifts that are not useful.  When buying gifts, think whether this items can be helpful or can be used because it might end up on stocking files or cabinet.  Our kids would love to receive her favorite toy but then think twice, if she happens to have several of them already, i believe it would not wise because it might end up as another clutter in your cabinets.  Instead buy something more practical and important like school things or educational materials. 

Buy eco-friendly gifts
There are many eco-friendly gifts that you can find in the mall or online store.  An organic product is also a nice gift for everyone and at the same time your also helping our environment. 

Bake, cook, knit or sew
Bake a cake or cookies, cook your specialty dish, knit or sew a dress or something worth keeping.  If you have the skills to do these things, personal gift coming from your own hard work will be a nice treat for your relatives and friends. 

Buy in bulk or use discounted coupons
When buying in bulk, you can save more pesos.  There are many stores that also offer discounted or promo items.  Grab the opportunity to buy when these things are on sale but make sure not to overspend, always stick on your budget. 


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  1. Thanks for the tips. We all need to be reminded of how we can maximize our resources. Especially now that December is just around the corner. Nice post!


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