Writing on the rhythm of music

Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting in the mood to write something is somewhat hard to achieve especially if there are many things we need to do and we could not find the inspiration to begin.  There were days that we have everything at hand but we don't know where to start so the enthusiasm would eventually fade and our writings become a disaster. 

There are ways to get you in the mood for something;  one way that i find helpful is to hear a relaxing music while setting my hand to work on something. The fender bass at Guitar Center is one instrument that i find interesting and quite dependable. The soothing relaxing instrumental or jazz makes my mind at ease and the words just smoothly flow through my head into my hands. 

For some, they find music as inspirations and a fuel to begin a beautiful writing.  Another way is to write things before hand.  If something came up, write them on a piece of paper so it will not slip in your mind and transfer them later on your computer. 


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