Asthma Attack

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I never had asthma when I was young and the last time I experienced this is three years ago so if you can only see the look on my face when I had another asthma attack and in just span of hours after going to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, i have to ask hubby again at the wee hours of the day to bring me again because i am really having difficulty breathing. 

They say that once you have an asthma, you will be having it for life but i only wish that this saying would not be applied to my case.  It's really difficult to have one, it's like your grasping for your life and your body is all shaking.  The cold weather must have aggravated and the reason of shivery feeling. 

After some medication, i'm back on my foot and doing this post again, well, i need to earn since I was off line for several days and I needed to finish some tasks which are already due, ooh, how I wish there are a some blessings that will come my way since I badly needed them and i hope the healing power of our Good Lord will enfold me and take away this negative sickness in my body.  


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