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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The post on Rappler regarding big bad bloggers and loot bag bloggers bring backs the big question of the integrity of bloggers and creates a scenario that bloggers only writes to gain freebies and money from different PR companies. 

In all honesty, before I become a blogger, i am once a contest and baby contest addict  and even though my other blogs works on a different platform, i still maintained this site with Google for three years because of sentimental value. 

it is true, one can claim that she/he is a blogger considering the fact that you can easily create a blog and write even if you have no professional background on writing. Being a journalists and a blogger is a different thing and it can't be compared as the definition itself has a big difference and the years of studies to become a good journalists can't be compared to a blogger. Since a journalist needs to study, collect information to create a reliable and good writing while a blogger can just write according to her passion and the thoughts that comes to her mind.  Although, i have a background on journalism and being a writer and news editor on our college newspaper, i could not bragged to be a good writer as I know i am also lacking on many things but I always believe in integrity, truth and passion and i think that is one essential thing on being a good writer. 

But there are many bloggers who can be considered as authority on the field of blogging, their thoughts influences other readers as well as many online viewers and social media followers. With the growing numbers of bloggers online, companies local and internationally believes that bloggers are a great source for campaigning and introducing new products in the market considering the numbers of people who followed them.  

The story about the so called - "mommy loot bags grabber" and the food blogger who offers review in exchange for a big amount of money is an isolated case that the blogging world needs to find a good solution before it eats the whole system and integrity of blogging. 

Knowing the fact that blogging is a great source of income and great freebies, many jumps on the bandwagon and creates a blog to be able to go to different events, earn money, eat for free, collect different freebies and win awesome prizes. Yes, we don't want to be hypocrite here, my blogs become my additional source of incomes and there are times that my earning here is more than I get on my fixed salary.  I'm a mother with two kids, a house amortization and bills to pay and it's a natural for a striving family to gain extra income and receives freebies that you don't need to pay (that means a great savings, don't you think?)  

I don't see anything wrong on receiving monetary values on exchange of a review or a post , after all, it is not as easy as others think to maintain a blog, you need to pay dollars and (yes, hundred of dollars for some) for the yearly domain and hosting and to add the electricity and the internet connection you consumed every time you open your net but you also need to set a standard for this and we should know what kind of articles we need to put on our blogs and if you think this does not conform on your beliefs, we all have the rights to decline.  There are lots of ways to earn from blogging and Google adsense is just one of them. 

Freebies are something we all wished, getting invited on events is an extra but it doesn't secure you a spot on being considered as a well known blogger.  The number of facebook and twitter fans and google followers can be manipulated (if you are already blogging for sometime, you will know this for a fact).  Readers can also be gained with good SEO and adwords or keywords as they said. SEO forms part of a good blog optimization and does not mean that your a really good writer because I have seen many blogs with high ranks that is not really worthy of those number.  But it doesn't mean that high ranking blogs lack good qualities of writing, many of them got their ranks because of good articles that is  truly worth reading. 

With blogging, i gain more friends, learned different things, won amazing prizes from simple to the grandest, only bloggers could have won and yes i'm definitely enjoying the perks of being a blogger but this doesn't mean that I need to lose myself and my whole character just to get some freebies and it also does not mean that because someone gives you a freebie you would eventually browse the dictionary for flowering words and good words even if those service turned into unpleasant experiences. 

As a blogger it also your duty to create reliable and truthful information, if you have experienced something not good, it is also doesn't mean that you need to broadcast them to the world through your blog , we need to set standard and boundaries within ourselves and with every posts we make, we need to carefully choose our words even though we are dying to blog about those unexpected bad experiences. 

Summing it all, i don't see any wrong on receiving gifts and freebies from companies who offers them as long as we don't abuse this privilege and this would not be the cause of losing our integrity and over all character as a person. 

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  1. Yes. You have a good point and I agree in your belief too. :)

  2. That's a bad image for bloggers. I hope that those individuals who abuse the system will realize that they are jeopardizing the image of other good bloggers like you!

  3. I have read this issue on another blog too. I just hope bloggers will be act more appropriately not only during events, but also in their blogging. Blogging isn't for those who wants to gain for their own only because you can't do that alone. Besides, they carry the name 'bloggers' so if they act rude, people would generalize bloggers as rude and we won't let that happen. I hope they would fix this issue.

  4. There's nothing wrong on getting paid when during reviews. The review just have to be honest and not be influenced with the company. Freebies are a plus and bloggers shouldn't take advantage at all times.

  5. I can't believe thta these bloggers gone wild and even exposed their misunderstanding through blog posts and Facebook shout outs. Shame on them.

  6. I read some of this from a co-blogger too and it's just sad that there people who are taking advantage of this freebies. I don't know who are exactly doing these though. Are they Filipino who lives abroad or in the Philippines itself?

  7. very well said, me personally blogging is my stress reliever. I to connect and make friend with people, with same passion as mine. If I earn some $$ out of my post then its a bonus :)

  8. so much going on about bag loot! I completely agree with you marz, this is nothing wrong with accepting long as you blog about it in return.

  9. A truthful blogger expresses his opinion based on experiences and thoughts on something that will serve as a reliable source of information to help Internet users.


  10. I agree, as a person and a blogger we should maintain our integrity and should be ethical in what we do.

  11. you're right, there is nothing wrong receiving freebies in exchange of an honest long as we know our limitations..

  12. If we ever get freebies in exchange to our honest reviews that would help companies gain more customers, we work hard for it too. If we get paid cash for our hard work, we deserve it, and that's all that matters. We don't get to eat free food for nothing, we don't get to get money for nothing. If other people use blogging to get invited to some events, get free food and earn money for cash but don't consider themselves as honest and good bloggers, well then I don't know whatelse to say. I love being a blogger and I love what I do. I write what comes to mind and I don't take advantage of other people.

    Liza Barnett

  13. Yea I agree there's nothing wrong of freebies! Who doesn't love that! LOL. I hope this issue will come to an end. This won't bring encouragement to all bloggers who works in good conscience. Will just do our job and not be affected by those so called :)

  14. Many are claiming to be bloggers since it's really easy to be one. But, I guess "integrity" sets the professional bloggers from others. Being a blogger, is not only about having your own site and writing your own thoughts. It involves your commitment to your said passion, to your readers and to yourself. Receiving freebies is part of the blogging perks but don't let these so called "freebies" measure your credibility as a blogger and more importantly as a person.

  15. It reminds me of one advertiser who eventually wanted me to write post first prior to receiving the product to make sure, maybe if my blog is really mine and working. SO, I did. Too bad that there are also bloggers doesn't even write a review on the product they received. I wish they can just be honest and be considerate as well which sometimes what it takes to be a blogger in order to received more freebies in the future.


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