Christmas Lists and Wishes

Saturday, November 10, 2012

When I was still a child, i would create that lists of my wishes on a beautiful stationary and i will sealed it with a kiss and place it below my pillow and each night, i will hold it and place it near my heart and close my eyes and make that certain wish.  My list is long and sometimes updated once in a while before Christmas. 

Although, i believe in Santa Claus, i'm also well aware that Santa will not be on top of our house to leave gifts in our Christmas Tree nor he can go down in our chimney since we don't have one. 

Funny it may seem but even when I grow older, there are Christmas that i will scribble my wishes and lists on a piece of paper and placed it under my pillow just to let me remind myself that i still have those desires to have that certain something. 

So, what do you think?  What's your Christmas wishes?  I know you have one too, even not just for you but for your family and friends.  Yes, as a mother, we want a good life, a healthy life, happiness for our family and kids but honestly,  aside from those things, we all have things that we wished to own, wish to have and although, we could not afford all of them to buy this coming Christmas, it is always nice to write them as our Christmas Wish on our list, who knows, someone would be generous enough to grant that wish. 

So, here are my wishes for this coming Christmas,  i don't know if i can able to fulfill them with all the financial needs we have to satisfy first but it is always nice to make this list.

Dear Santa, I have been good, would you visit me and leave me this gifts? 

  • A camera, since my camera has already been broken and I have been wishing to own my very first SLR. 
  •  Fitness Bike , i have been eyeing this one since January and how i wish it can inspire me to lose weight even more.  
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2  - well, the saying goes, if you dream, dream big. I have never owned an android gadget and i want my first android gadget to be this grand. 

  •  Coach bag-  designer bags are really expensive and I don't know if i could ever buy a YSL or LV bag or the Michael Kors that I have been wishing but I just wish that i can even buy this bag i have seen in the net.  
If only it was as easy as that, you make a wish, Santa will grant it.  I guess, i will make a wish each Christmas. So, do you have something in particular you would like to receive this christmas?  We are talking about things here. 


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