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Thursday, November 22, 2012

One of my favorite part on going online is talking with my online friends, taking a break and chatting with them gives me a feeling of being near with them.  Facebook and twitter is just one of the social media wherein you can chat with your friends. 

Another plugin I found on the net that can give you the benefits to talk with your friend for free is Google Hangouts.  With Google hangouts, you can chat with your relatives and friend face to face and you can hear their voice just like on skype or yahoo messenger. It's free and easy to install and you can access this on any gadgets you have as long as it was connected on the internet or you have videocam  and mic so you can see and talk with each other. 

The only problem i see with google hangout is it's only limited up to ten or nine persons so if you are having multiple conversation on excess of ten people, this could not be possible but overall it's a nice google plugin that you can try. 

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