Sustainable Green Cleaning

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I always favor sustainable products that are available in the market and when i'm in the mall or supermarket, i tried my best to choose eco-friendly products.  I believe that in helping our environment, we should start it inside our house by patronizing products that are good for the environment. 

Our family room or commonly known as living room is one place that is very important for every house, it is where the whole family get together and enjoy a relaxing moment of entertainment.  It is also the overused part of our family because if you have small children, this become their favorite spot to play and enjoy the day. 

Our couch serves it's purpose very well and it becomes a comfort for lazy days and relaxing place to stretch during tired days.  It is also the place where children enjoys reading, playing and sometimes their favorite spot to write or scribbles.  That's why couch cleaning becomes a regular routine in the family.  But sometimes, cleaning our couch becomes really toxic and hard especially removing those scribbles made by our children. 

That's where green cleaners comes handy, sustainable cleaner or what we called eco-friendly cleaner is the best choices of many mother because they did not contain harsh chemicals that might create problem for our children. Always make the Green choice  for our couch and carpet. 

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