Fighting the Big C (cancer)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last October, campaigns are once again made to create awareness about cancer and many organizations have joined this advocacy to find breast cancer cures.  The best cancer awareness aims to educate many people about this sickness.  It also aims to inform the public about the symptoms and early detection so that treatment can be provided on it's early stage. 

One of this organization is which was  designed to advocate for and fund clinical trials and medical research projects to advance this ground-breaking, life-saving research to help breast cancer patients. 

Breast Cancer is a sickness that is now common to many women around the globe, too sad to say that many of us still lacks comprehension on this sickness.  Each day, many cancer patients died because of late detection thus treatments are no longer or could no longer help the patient. 

The annual health campaign against this disease is being done not just in our country but in many places all over the world, funds are developed to help those sufferer who has no means to get the treatment they badly needed, it also help breast cancer research.  The importance of prevention and early detection is being tackled and many women are encourage to get yearly screening to rule out any possible problems. 


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