Teach me - Teach me not

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Whenever i look back at the times i used to teach little children, i still wonder how I have done that. My first passion is to become a teacher but i guess it was never meant for me because there are two opportunities i have turned down to do other things.  As a tutor, i used all my knowledge to help each of my student to do more with their respective lessons. 

I always believe that teaching is a passion and there are people just like those behind  tutorsville.net that aims to help students to work good in their studies. I guess you need to check them out if you have study problems or difficulties on some of school subject. 

Our academic excellency doesn't guarantee that we can do better with our life.  Although it is a main or big factor that affects what we will become in the future.  It still did not guarantee that we can be successful afterwards but this does not mean that you should only take for granted your studies since this is your stepping stone to become something big or what you wished to become when you grow older. 

Whatever you will become always remember that this is because of the help our dear teachers who gave their heart to help us learn. 

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. 


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