Typhoon preparedness

Saturday, December 08, 2012

With the recent disaster that struck the country, preparations is very important to avoid further problems when calamities like this happen. 

The government had issued several tips and ways and other informations to help communities for preparations but the decision to keep our family safe relies on our own preparations.  Many families are still stubborn to evacuate even with warnings and forecasts are already given thus emergency plans are considered futile. 

Preparing our homes for typhoon is important, check if our roofs are secured because it's the first thing that can be blown when there was heavy rains and wind,  roofing calgary give tips of good roof installations,  check around the house and make sure that your home is typhoon proof. 

Stay at home if you are not yet instructed to go to evacuation center.  Clear the areas, so you have a way to go around the house. Prepare for emergency kits such as batteries, medicines , water and foods that can sustain for days.  Disaster emergency kits are available on different drug stores or malls nearby. 

Blackout always happen during typhoons, so make sure to remove all your appliances from the electric socket.  If you have chance to put them on a more higher ground then do so.   Flashlights are better than candles and keep battery powered radios to hear the latest news. 

If the authorities ordered your family to leave the place, don't hesitate because this is for your own safety. Pack things that you needed especially if you have some small kids. Blankets are very important on this cold days.  Awareness and being prepared can help you a lot. 


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