Reflection and Memories

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This day is supposed to be a happy day for me. There's a special reason to celebrate, after all it's our wedding anniversary but for some reason, i got this terrible head ache and it's  very lazy to go out or do anything. 

I could not even bear to see myself in the mirror because I know that when I'm not feeling well, i can be totally emotional. 

And yes, I'm indeed emotional, this is the time that I remember the memories i have with my grand mother and my father as well as with our dear chi-chi, (she's our dog by the way)  it's been a year and yes, i still could not get over the fact that she is now lost in our sight.   Big Barker might have given her the comfort she needed but at her last days, I can still remember the pain she suffered.

I hate sickness and I hate when i see someone suffering from it.  I guess, i have to deal with this emotional thing and see the good things this life can offer. 


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