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Thursday, February 07, 2013

The recent bill regarding "Kasambahay Bill" or House help could be a protection for them but there are some things that are lacking and i guess there are some provisions that is not very clear.  Although there are not much wide variety of labor posters for this bill but because of the social media and television, many people are being aware of this law. 

It's good and I guess this is the right time to have a bill or law passed for the rights of our house helper or commonly known as "yaya" but with the trends and hard time to find a good one, the security of the employer on this law is somewhat unknown. 

We have always treated our yaya as a part of the family although there are some that are really hard to train, i always keep my patience to understand their situation with hope that they will care and provide good care to my kids while we are away.  Before, i hire one, it is always my first requirement and hope that they have to be honest since I am entrusting to them the life of my children who happens to be a great part of who and what I am.  It's not very important for me whether you have clean the house or not as long as you give your heart on taking care of my kids, cleaning and doing house hold chores is a side priority. 

I hope this law would be beneficial for both sides and employers can also have security when something worst had happen. 


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  2. Correct! If you come to realize, those "Kasambahays" who were maltreated by their employers are just few cases. The employers are the ones who are always abused by the "Kasambahays". Some of the abuses they do are:
    1) they steal your little things (laundry bar, detergent, food, etc)
    2) they do what they want when their employers are away:
    a) wash their clothes in your washing machine
    b) ask their friend/boyfriends to come to the house, eat food, watch TV etc
    c) they gossip around about what's happening in your house
    d) they do things against your children w/o you knowing it

    3) they do not come home on the day expected they should be back
    4) they make advances and then leave you suddenly

    Not all kasambahays are equal. Like employers in a company, they will pay you for the amount of work you are expected to deliver. Some Kasambahays have little work since the house of the employer is not big and they just need someone to attend to the house while they are away. Then the lowest salary would be P2,500 + SSS + pagibig + PhilHealth + medicines + 13th month? Not all employers are rich. Some are getting the minimum wage. How can they afford this?


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