Breeze powder detergent gets a new design

Saturday, March 02, 2013

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Can you still remember Breeze? I remember how i used to play with this powder detergent before,  ( i used to separate the colored pigments to a different container) and I will end up being scolded by my grand mother.

Now, one of our favorite powder detergent is now back in the market with a new packaging and an activ bleach for a more cleaner clothes especially created for moms (like me) who have a very active kids. 

Trusted over the years, breeze powder detergent is 3x more powerful in removing stains thus you don't need to worry if your children goes out and stained their clothes. They can enjoy the outdoor and wouldn't missed the chance to be more happier and of course, we can too because we don't need to exert too much effort on removing those stubborn stains that sometimes takes a lot of task to remove. 

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post nor I was given a product to review.  This is just an opinion of a mom who trusted this brand. 


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  1. Wow sis effort to segregate the colored pigments from the white powder ha! :)

  2. Wow sis effort to segregate the colored pigments from the white powder ha! :)

  3. i so love breeze, it's good that they are back

  4. i remember this brand from way back and it is a good thing they're back. although, i am not a user, am sure a lot of mums will benefit from its good stain-removal feature!

  5. I miss using powder detergent soup... Breeze smells good isn't it?

  6. i remember the little one suggesting to use this so I dont worry when his clothes gets too dirty cos of playing outside..

  7. I haven't tried that active bleach variant but Breeze is definitely one of the best detergent brands.

  8. I received a free sample from a roving promo girl and when I used it, I liked how it smelled, though it worked the same as my current detergent :)

  9. I never use powder when I do laundry Sis :-) just the liquid but I miss using powder :-) I think they clean the dirty clothes better :-) I will check it out when I get back to the Philippines :-)

  10. Yes, I remember Breeze from commercials but my mom never used it, I guess. This one's interesting though. I'll try it and let's see what I think about it :P

    Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai

  11. i remember breeze. it used to be our detergent when i was in college. i love the smell of my clothes with this.

  12. oo nga , I saw it on TV. tagal din sila nawala buti bumalik na ngayon.

  13. I remember it way back home when I used to wash my clothes. Breeze is one of the expensive soap during those times. Now, so glad they're available on powder now.


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