Cheers to Music

Our city is celebrating Art Month and different schools participated on a day of showcasing their talents in music, dancing and paintings. 

Different students gave their best on sharing their talents, and i usually love the time wherein school bands perform using different instruments. 

My attention was caught on a girl holding something like this.  Because i'm not aware on what it was called, i searched on the net and found out that it was an euphonium, it belongs in the brass instrument family and more popular than baritones but since baritones are more lighter to hold, it was used by younger children.  

Since, the child was already around 10 or 11 years old, it must be the same reason that she can already use and play this instrument.   I am always fascinated to see little kids holding different music instrument and wished that I have the same passion. 

My daughter has beginning to like violin and dreams that she could study it when she is ready to hold one.  With high hopes, i wish someday she can also perform on stage along side different schools, that would be so lovely don't you think?


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