Modess All night pads gets a dainty makeover

Definitely dainty and sweet.  My trusted brand of overnight pads has taken a make-over.  From the usual plastic packaging, the Modess Ultra Thin sanitary napkins is now in a box with a cute girl vector on the front and the usual plain covering (for the napkin itself) now comes with dots of lavander.  Appealing and very pleasing to the eyes but maintaining the same comfort it provides. 

For years, i have trusted this pads on my monthly visitor and since i have a heavy menstruation and i don't want any unpleasant incident, i used this even during day time at work. 

It gives a full coverage and very absorbent, you won't feel any wetness. 

Pros :  It provides full coverage and will not give you any embarrassing moments.
Cons:  The only problem i have is the glue doesn't stick well on your undies so you need to check them once in a while. 
Affordability - around Php. 40.00 ++ or $1  for five pads.  (one box)


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