5 Gift Ideas for far way loved ones

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, especially when you have far way loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes things like movie nights or going to a local show just aren't possible when your loved one lives too far away. There are, however, several ways you can show your love and devotion to loved ones despite the distance. Whether your grandmother lives overseas or your college roommate has moved away, a gift is something appreciated, respected and hoped for and will make your loved one feel special.

Gift Certificate

Can't be there to take your friend out to celebrate her big night? Send a gift certificate or set of gift certificates to your loved one so she can go have fun while thinking about you. Consider sending a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant. Or, if you feel like being adventurous, send several gift cards for smaller amounts of money so your friend can get coffee, a snack and a small gift in the same day.

Care Package

Regardless of where you live, a care package is one way you can show love to your far away friends. Put together a small box of local treats, favorite snacks and letters. Other options for your gift package include handmade cards, photographs, snacks, homemade cookies, gift cards or even a book. If you’re not the creative type or possibly just short on time many online florist also sell hampers with fruits, wine, and many other goodies that you can buy and send with just a few clicks.

Letter in a Bottle

Everyone loves the romantic theme of finding a message in a bottle, so consider sending your friend just that. Take a plastic bottle and fill it halfway with sand and seashells. Write a letter and slip it inside the bottle. Seal the lid on. Write your name and address on the outside of the bottle along with your friend's mailing address. Take it down to the post office and your letter will be on its way. What a fun way to surprise your friend with something unexpected.


For the friend who lives far away and gets bored easily, consider sending a small collection of books. This could be currently popular novels, rare books or even favorite children's books that your friend or relative will love. Make sure to include a note explaining why you chose the books you did.

Themed Box

For an unusual but fantastic gift, put together a themed box. Choose a topic, such as movie night or picnic in the park, and put together a box with items for that theme. For example, for a movie night box you could include microwave popcorn, candy and a DVD for your friend. For a picnic box, you could include summer sausage, dried fruit, crackers and a small blanket. Don't be afraid to get creative with it. Remember, your friend will love knowing how much effort and time you put into the package.

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  1. I would love that letter in a bottle, so unique!

  2. Those are indeed wonderful ideas. I love surprises :)

  3. Thanks for this. This is very helpful since hubby is at the other side of the world. :)

  4. I love the care package idea. I have sent some before to friends who worked in Afghanistan.

  5. When my husband was away for deployment, I always send him care packages aside from letters and cards. It surely is greatly appreciated.

  6. I usually give out gift cards to far away loved ones.

  7. Great tips and ideas! Once in awhile we should surprise our love ones with something special

  8. I especially love the Gift Certificate! Because you give them an option to buy anything they want in a particular store. :P


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