Space Saving Tips for your Kids Bedroom

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kids need room to play inside and outside. Providing them with a well organised and spacious area is a great way to give them their own space that they love. We all deserve an area to call our own. Most of the furniture suggestions in this article are more than meets the eye. Read on and find some great ideas on how to get the most space out of your child's room.


You need to take advantage of the space you have. We tend to concern ourselves with the horizontal space too much. However, vertical space is more important as it's your storage. Therefore it is the best way to maximize space in any room. The one piece of furniture that gets overlooked is the bed. Yes, it is a must have item but that doesn't mean you can't get inspired. Double up with a bunk bed with a desk underneath. Or go with a normal height bed with draws underneath if safety is a concern. There are plenty of specialty children bed stores around, Bunkers Melbourne for example. You just need to look around; there are plenty of stores out there.

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No, this is not your average bookshelf. Sling bookshelves are all the rage at the moment. They are constructed completely out of stretchy fabric, meaning items and belongings can be thrown in. They are used in schools all around the world. They are perfect for storing books, crayons and other stationery.


If you've got an image of weaved baskets in your mind, that's not exactly what I meant. You need to look up badger baskets; they've been around for a while. It's more than likely that you've seen them around but not known their proper name. These baskets are great for any age, so you won't have to find something new as they get older. They are made of wood so can easily paint them as you please.


Just like with the bunk bed suggestion, you can a lot more out of seats. It's all about smart furniture that serves a function and also provides room for storage. There are lots of seat styles available that also provide clever storage, for example kids storage benches. These seats still have cushioned seats, these lift up to either reveal a large storage area or have drawers on the side. These are great for storing toys in. There is plenty of room to just throw toys in, no need to worry about putting everything back into its right place. This is great because as a parent, you don't have much time to clean up.


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