The thoughts of books makes me smile

Sunday, June 23, 2013

There are times that I miss schooling. Sometimes, i entertain the thoughts of going back and learn something new but i guess I lack time and money to begin with.  I have always wanted to pursue a different career, I often told myself that somehow in someway i can able to fulfill my dreams but until now, i could just close my eyes and hope. 

On my college years, i often go to the library and read different college books, those that interests me and have this obsessive feeling that i am actually studying them but after a while, i would come back and face the reality. 

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The thoughts of reading different books excites me since I really love to read back then and sometimes I still entertain thoughts of seeing myself holding a book and walking on a corridor going to my next class. I don't know if i can withstand long periods of readings but i guess just as the saying goes, you wouldn't know if you can, if you haven't tried them.  

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