How to Get More Twitter Followers for your Blog

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It is important to get more Twitter followers for a blog because a large number of followers determines the increased credibility and popularity of a user.
With more Twitter followers on a blog, the user is also likely to make more sales and influence a bigger audience. So here are some proven ways in which you can get more Twitter followers for a blog.

Flaunt yourself

It is best to have a headshot on your Twitter profile though you can upload any photograph that is representative of you on your blog. It is an easy way to strike a connection with your followers. When your followers can associate a face with your name, they are more likely to take an interest in what you have to say on your blog.

Create a custom 'About' page on your blog

Since Twitter's bio allows one to enter only 160 characters, it is a good idea to dedicate a page on your blog to yourself where your followers can learn more about you. Remember to link this custom 'About' page to your Twitter account so that the followers who click on the link are automatically redirected to your blog.

Promote your Twitter username (Everywhere)

If your followers read your blog and wish to tweet the link, it would help for them to know your Twitter username. Display your links everywhere possible - on email signatures, blog posts, websites as well as business cards.

Share valuable information

Lead your followers to useful information. Make your posts more inspiring by using plenty of links and create content that interests your readers. This way your blog will be passed on from one Twitter user to another, you will be retweeted several times a day and gradually you will also get more followers for your blog.
More Followers can equal more followers
Twitter is unique in how people follow those who have a high following already.  One thing you might want to consider is to buy twitter followers – to get an instant boost that could help you attract future followers.  Even though we all acknowledge it to be ‘wrong’ we are still more likely to follow those users who have a large number of followers already!

Post regularly but avoid flooding your followers

You may want to share a number of links at a time but your followers might be looking for a breather. Distribute your posts through the day so that your followers can take a look at every update on your blog. For instance, Buffer is an app that can help you share posts on social media in a less cluttered manner.

Reply publicly

Some people may reply via messages because they consider their responses to be irrelevant to other followers but this actually comes across as the user being unsociable. Reply publicly since your responses will be visible to only those who follow you.

Spend time to link and retweet others

Twitter is all about sharing. Unless you link to other users, there is little reason why they would reciprocate. To get more Twitter followers for a blog, introduce yourself to those who follow your followers.

Avoid using auto-responders

Contrary to what most Twitter users think, auto-responders like SocialOomph are not the warmest means for communication. Reply manually if it is very important but refrain from using auto-responders.

Having shared these tips, it is important that you don't try too hard to get more Twitter followers for a blog. The above tips will take care of the numbers so focus on being patient and posting content that is worthy of being shared.  For more information, or to ask any questions please get in touch with the team over at


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