Moms knows best

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I don't usually agree on the saying that moms knows best but I must agree that mothers always wanted the best for their kids.  There are many precedents or stories that mothers usually take charge of their children's life and demand that they do things according to what they expected to be but there are cases that kids don't understand this motive and see it as a controlling and manipulative that they become rebellious and go on with their life becoming more miserable just to let their mothers see what they have become. 

Such incident as this would not be considered as the mother's fault considering the fact and the effort that they have tried to give to their children but in other cases, the mothers are the reason of their children's own downfall which you might say that it's very unlikely for a mother to do that. 

Each mother has a different ideas, point of views that may differ or perceived negatively by the child.  It may not work good but one thing is for sure, a mother's love is still one of the greatest love a woman can give. In most circumstances,  mother's give their love unconditionally and willingly since the fact that our children is our flesh and blood and whatever happens to them will reflect in ourselves on how we treated or prepared them. 


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