No time for cleaning

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My husband told me once that I may be having problems since I have this obsession on cleaning our comfort room over and over again. The fact is that i just wanted to see them clean since i believe that it is one part of the house that acquires too much dirt.   

I'm not really obsessed in cleaning but i just wanted everything to be good and placed accordingly.  I may be a clutter sometimes and when laziness comes in my bone, you may never get me to hold a broom.  

Now, that the kids are sick , i never get the chance to clean the house since my body is already dead tired doing other chores because we were unable to find a house help for over a month and sometimes it makes my head blank that i just want to sleep and forget all my worries.  

I only wish ABC Rug and Carpet Care is just nearby, i will just let them do the rug and carpet work for me since cleaning them would cost me precious time and with the kids still sick, special cleaning is very important to eliminate those bacteria and germs hidden everywhere. 

I just wish everything will go as normal as before. 

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