Should you let your child choose the decorations for their bedroom?

Friday, July 19, 2013

If you’ve ever initiated an art session at home with your little ones, then you’ll know just how messy it can get. Letting your kid's imagination loose on their whole bedroom, therefore, might seem like a disaster in the making.

You might have a vision for the overall design aesthetic of your house, in which case it can be even more difficult to give in to the demands of your child, especially if their dream room involves overly ambitious alien murals or the reconstruction of a medieval castle. After all, you’re unlikely to have as much a say in the orderliness of their room at any other point; misguided wall colours and inappropriate wall art are surely what the teen years are for.

But then, it’s important to stop and ask yourself who you are decorating the room for. Is it for your child, or yourself? If your child is young, then it’s more of a given that you will pick all the different elements of the room personally, in a style that is in accord with your tastes. But when that child is better able to express themselves, it follows that they should have more of a say in the room that they will be playing in, sleeping in and dreaming in.
You might consider encouraging your child to assert their opinion on their room’s decor. Young children’s fancies can be changeable at the best of times, so it’s best to take their more outlandish requests with a pinch of salt. You can still retain the direction of your planned room, while incorporating or reinterpreting some of the elements your child is asking for. Wallpaper trims, accents of colour and fun children's beds and bedding sets are fantastic for establishing a middle ground between your child’s idea of a special haven and your more adult sensibilities. For example, hanging planetary mobiles will introduce a sense of adventure and educational value to a room, while a dreamy bed canopy will enable your daughter to achieve her princess fix.

Asking your child about their dream room is also an opportunity to keep them constructively occupied by enlisting their help in painting a patch of wall. And when the paint has dried, chances are, they’ll be excited simply to have a change of scene.


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