The rise of the stay at home dad

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More often than not it is us mums that need (or are expected!) to stay at home and deal with the majority of the child-rearing.  However, stay at home dads are definitely out there – I know, I’ve seen the blogs!  It is heart-warming to know that they get to experience the same issues that we do and that they are also prepared to share the fact that they learn and make mistakes just as we do. - This blog covers all the same aspects of child-rearing as any mum blog from days out with the kids to what to feed them.   One of the posts which caught my eye described one of those days when everything is warm and cosy at home and everyone is getting along fine – a rare occurrence in any household!   The blog posts are heart-warming, reflect real life and are ideal for anyone who wants to pick up a few hints and tips. - Here the blogger talks about how being a stay at home dad was a necessity and blog posts talk about a range of subjects from child safety to coping in the kitchen.    He also talks about the issue of returning to work after spending a few years looking after the family and how to deal with the gap on the CV.  Last year this blog was listed as one of the top 30 most useful blogs for those who want information on being a stay at home dad. - This blog could be useful for any stay at home dad dealing with daughters.  Simple tasks such as dealing with the daughter’s hair used to be the domain of the mother, but when dad is at home he has to sort it out himself.  Luckily, sites like this give a few tips to the men of the household who might one day be asked to braid their little girl’s hair.  He also talks about the precious time he is able to spend with his children and even on the blog post that talks about what he has lost by becoming a parent you never get any sense of regret from the writer.

- While not specifically aimed at stay at home dads, this blog is great for picking out ideas for fun activities to do with the children.   One thing stay at home mums (and now dads!) know is that entertaining the children is not easy, but it does not take much to get their imagination going.  Spending time outdoors is ideal for helping to raise an active and healthy family who likes to get out and about.  

I speak from experience when I say that being a stay at home parent is not easy and I’ve blogged on this subject many times.   I think it is great that there are men out there who are not only taking on this role, but they love doing it as well so here’s hoping that many more dads will take on this frontline role and let us know (via their blogs, of course!) how they are getting on with it.  


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