Finding the perfect under stair home office

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Since we moved into our new home, I have to find the perfect spot to place my home office and I thought that under our stairs would be good and since I don't have much things to put into except my computer table,it fits directly under it with some extra storage for our kitchen items. But of course, just like anybody who work in their house, i wanted my work area to be cozy and nice, afterall it's where ideas are build. 

Although, it look descent to me, i still wished for something better.   Here are some ideas i found in the net that looks really nice but I still need hubby's approval on this since he is the one who promised me to renovate my space. 

  This one looks nice although i wanted something that accommodate my book collection. 
This one looks great since it has some space for the books and will fit under our stairs but i don't know if my husband can make the drawers since his not a real carpenter. (lol) but just as he says, anything can be done with a little faith. 

This is my first choice but hubby said that ours is a little bit smaller so this one needs some modification.  So, what do you think should i choose?  Do you have any ideas to get me going. 


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  1. They all look nice, I love the 3rd photo though. :)

  2. Unfortunately, right now I'm also working on my workplace area at home. I think this is good set up to maximize the space in your home specially when you only have limited space. I chose the last photo because it looks cozy.

  3. Bet ko yung third image. It looks really nice! :)

  4. I always wanted something like this too but it won't work on our house since we have a spiral stairs.

  5. Brilliant idea! Saves room space in many ways

  6. That is a pretty space. my work station is also my favorite spot in the house.:)

  7. All three looks great! What is important is storage and how much space is available in your place. Why settle for the first if you can do the last photo right? Choose the 3rd :-)


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