Home Office - Hubby's Big Project

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finally, my request to have my home office organized is coming to a realization.  After several weekends and holiday, hubby had turned the under stairs to my new home office. His not a carpenter nor had done something as big as this before but when he said that he can make it, I always believe that he can.  That's one of his characteristics that I admire so much. 

The renovation starts with building the post and walls and the table that will hold the monitor and cpu as well.  Creating the book shelf takes time since he put some decoration on it to make it more appealing. Lastly, he made the keyboard holder using the bottom mount drawer slides that we bought along with the wood decoration.  

Don't worry, i will definitely share them to you when it's already done. It is indeed an exact fit and I'm so excited. Hopefully by tomorrow, he can able to paint the whole thing and I can finally move to my new home office.


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