Importance of gun safety

Saturday, August 17, 2013

As a parent, teaching your child gun safety is of the utmost importance. While many believe that their children will never come in contact with a gun, this is not a chance to be taken. By teaching gun safety, you can be at ease when your child leaves home. In most cases, gun safety lessons should begin as soon as your child shows an interest in guns. For younger children, explain the differences between a toy and real gun. If your child has difficulty telling the differences, instruct them to never touch the gun before speaking with an adult. 

Once your child knows how to differentiate between the two, explain how to safely leave the area where a gun is being kept. While knowing how to leave a room is important, parents should also teach their children how to handle a gun. This can easily be done with a toy gun. The child should learn to never point the gun at themselves or someone else. The child should also be instructed to keep their finger away from the trigger. If you have a teenager, consider enrolling the child into a gun safety course. 

As a parent, it is always wise to store your gun in a safe. Make sure that the gun is unloaded before storing. You can purchase fire resistant gun safes at

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