Miley Cyrus gone wild at VMA Awards 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The recent look of Miley Cyrus doesn't surprise me,  after all  i have seen her sporting her brand new bald hair months ago and I even created a post about it.  I would have let it go without leaving a comment or reaction but with my social media wall all flooding with her recent performance at the VMA, I couldn't help but make a big sigh. 

My daughter was all eyes at the television and was even humming trying to imitate what she's singing after all the pink teddy bear and Miley Cyrus singing "We can't stop" . Funny thing, she even recognize Miley as some of her song was her favorite and she would often see me watching Miley's music video on my cellphone but my five year old daughter noticed that she's all different now, with her hair and the way she dressed. She even asked me "what happened to her?"  With that comment coming from a five year old child,  that's really something.  And then the unexpected thing happened, she was all rolling down and creating dirty dancing along side with Robin Thicke (who is he anyway?) I couldn't change the channel yet my daughter would make an outrage remarks, so i have to switch her attention on different things just not to see this act.  

I guess, Miley had really grown up from her child actress days and turning into a sweet teens, she becomes lovely as days goes by with a solid career as an actress and a music entertainer but then one day, everything was changed and I don't know if this is just the part of "growing up syndrome" that she want's to try something new and be bold and carefree or trying to rebel over something or even doing an act to re-establish her name in the industry. 
miley cyrus gone wild at the VMA Performance 2013 (image from the net)

Her recent performance at the VMA left me dumbfounded and seriously thinking that this lady is a perfect example of a girl gone wild. She is living in a free country and she's an actress but she is also an icon and children looked up to her. It's okay to do some tricks  or act but on a live television with millions of children viewing, i guess she should have shown a more discrete action.   Whatever happens to Miley Cyrus for her to do this drastic change, i guess she should better took into consideration what had happened to Lindsay Lohan. 

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  1. It's really sad what's happening to's like she's so hungry for attention.

  2. What she did that night was really shocking because it was nasty dance and even other celebrities were shocked. She's not a good influence and role model at all.

  3. Her performance on the VMA awards was really on the wild side but other than that love her singing.

  4. She is ruining her reputation everytime she does something, sigh.

  5. I find it really distasteful. It doesn't look classy at all, and I think it's pretty obvious with the reaction of the other celebrities.

  6. Her performance at the recent VMA awards is not tastefully done at all!


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