Protecting your children

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As a mother, we always wanted what's best for our children.  We take care of them with all of our might and protect them from any harm but with the recent chemical attack in Syria killing hundreds of children is just alarming. 

News like this can be very heart broken. I have read many articles condemning this act and I believe that even though your fighting for something, it is just not right to kill innocent children just for the sake of gaining the attention of your government. This is just too absurd. 

Sometimes, out of so much anger we can do unbearable things and forget being human altogether but then, i just hope that that they were able to comprehend what they have just done and killing innocent children is not an act that can just be tolerated and forgotten.  I always believe in karma, that whatever you have done in your life, there is always a consequence on it, if it's good then good things will happen to you so you know the rest of it. 


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