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Friday, August 02, 2013

Dad blogs, they are literally everywhere now. A simple internet search will reveal hundreds, and they are overtaking the mum blogs at a rate of knots. So what are they all about? Well I decided to sit down and read a few of these dad blogs, purely for research purposes of course. I mean, how am I supposed to tell you what they are all about when I have never even bothered to take a look for myself? I came across quite a few that looked interesting. I tried to vary the ones I looked at, so I chose a few newer blogs and a few that had been around for a while and that had even won blogger awards (yes there really is such a thing!) here are a couple of examples of blogs I really enjoyed.
Flatpackdad.com is authored by a father with 2 children; he seems to have a never ending job doing DIY in his own home. With kids in the house there is always a need for more storage, new furniture and of course the inevitable repairs that a lively family can bring. He complains but you can tell he secretly loves it, almost as much as he loves spending time with his kids. Maninhispyjamas.com is a pretty funny blog. If you are looking for a good belly laugh then this might be the blog for you. It is definitely worth following. It can hit a little close to the bone, and there is a little swearing in there but it is mostly blanked out (**** or *@!£*) which helps it become less offensive as you can choose the harshness of the words to match your own humour. Crazydadlife.com is pretty much hat. It is a blog all about the author’s crazy life as a dad. The latest post touches on the issue of earning cash as a child and how things are different these days than they were when he was kid. Earning money by mowing lawns or selling lemonade rom a stand outside the home seems for many like a long distant memory. 

Nowadays kids earn money over the internet. Youngsters are earning thousands, some millions just by developing an app that becomes popular. You never know, your kid could be the next internet mogul. Dad blogs are interesting. You may find after doing your search for dad blogs that you are surprised at just how interesting they are, I know I was. Seeing the world of parenting, and life in general from the point of view of a dad is a real eye opener. And who knew dads could be so funny and so open about things going on in their lives. If you are an avid follower of mum blogs like mine then it may be time to branch out and put a couple of dad blogs in your favourites – just to keep things new and interesting.

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