When things goes wrong

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My knee is  still sore from the bump i got from our bathroom sink.  I  have been trying to prevent an accident on my kid instead I was the one who tipped over and fall on my butt causing a sore butt and sore knee and a broken sink.  

Thankfully, the sink doesn't fall on me which may cause a bigger problem but it fall out half way and hubby needs to remove them entirely.  As you are looking at the picture, you can get a better idea on what would have fallen on me.  It might look funny but to avoid further damage, my instinct told me to put my hand on the sink and the other on the door knob.  Luckily for the door knob because it only got realigned but the sink went down halfway together with me. 

Accidents do happen without any notice that they will come but it's a good thing that it was the only problem that happen , it would be a bigger one if it's my son who slide on the bathroom since he is not strong enough or older enough to know what he would do .

Now, we have to find another bathroom sink in the hardware and a carpenter to fix it.  

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