On Finding the Perfect Ring

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Spending the rest of your life with the woman you love should formally start with an engagement. For those who are in upper class society, having a grand engagement party is a big deal. All the couple's friends and family are there to witness their undying presentation of love. While in most common people, a simple gathering with those closest persons to the couple are present.

And with those kind of engagements, one thing is common, the need of having a perfect ring suitable for the luckiest girl in the world at that very moment is something to think about. An engagement ring is one of the two important rings for women. Other than the wedding ring, an engagement ring is very important for ladies. There are many manners and scenes on how a guy gives the ring to the gal. And as expected there are many reactions and emotions expressed by the girl while accepting the ring after hearing the words 'Will you marry me?'. For many, the feeling that you are in the cloud nine and you are surrounded by sparkling fireworks above you engulf the couple. But before anything else and before this wonderful and very emotional giving of engagement ring happens, how do the guy prepared in choosing the right engagement ring? There are a lot of things to consider.

First, is the personality of the girl. Simple girls prefer that of not so extravagant ring. She doesn't want to be caught up in a situation that her ring will be stolen because it is very catchy to look at. While those who love to be the center of attention and are fond of living in glitz and glamour would prefer to have a not so ordinary type of ring with all the shimmering glitters of precious stones in it. That's where White flash comes in. Another thing to consider is the fashion trend in styles of ring. Each year the fashion industry releases new styles of ring to choose from, white flash has many options that you can choose. Some would consider to take some time looking what trendy ring will fit the character of the girl. The style of ring usually depicts the year when the couple had their engagement.

One more thing is the durability of the ring. The component or material used in making the ring is very important factor to attend to and their company believe on this. An engagement ring is comprised of three parts namely, the band, the setting and the gemstone. The band is usually made of gold, silver and platinum. Gold are most likely to be mixed with other metal to make it harder. And some would prefer a 14 carat gold band for it not to be deformed and break easily. The next part of the ring is the setting. The setting holds the stone. This should also be made durable because you cannot afford to lose a costly gemstone.

Last is the gemstone. Some guys prefer to put on the ring the birthstone of their lady love. Rich people love to see a diamond stone on their ring. All of these parts should be carefully chosen to achieve your desired engagement ring. The next concern of the guy when the engagement ring is ready is how to have a very memorable and exciting proposal. Anyway, as long as there is love between the couple and in addition the beautiful engagement ring on hand, everything will work out fine.

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