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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Numbs a bride, we wanted to look our best in our Big Day but finding that perfect dress is a little bit exhausting because many ideas kept on coming in our head. There are many styles of wedding dresses today but first we need to know what really suits our body. Remember that different gown styles can help us create a shorter, taller, heavier or thinner look, here are some tips;

If you are a short, heavy figure: To look taller and slimmer, avoid knit fabrics. Why not, use a princess or A-Line style. Chiffon is the best fabric choice because it produces a floating effect and can hide your weight.

If your a short, thin figure: A shirtwaist or natural waist style with bouffant skirt will produce a taller and more rounded figure. You can use Chiffon, velvet, as a fabric of your choice.

If your a tall, heavy figure: A princess A-line dress are the best style for slimming figure. Satin, chiffon and lace are the one recommended.

A tall, thin figure: Tiers or flounces will help to reduce the impression of your height. A shirtwaist or natural waist style with a full skirt are the ideal choices and sating and laces are the best fabrics.

Now, that you know the styles of the wedding dress that suits for you, the next question is to know where to get there for a good price. If you choose to go with the designer dresses for your wedding, it could be more expensive but you will notice that it will give your wedding a more up class feeling. Another way to find your dream wedding dresses is by looking at the internet wherein you can find cheap designer dresses and an option to shipped them right to your door. But you have to be sure that you have the right measurement to avoid any future problems. Another way is to look for a local seamstress who can create your dress the way you want it to look like, this can also be an advantage because the dress will fit to you perfectly and you can give additional ideas on what kind of designs you want to incorporate with your dress. Just keep on mind in selecting your bridal gown, the time of year , formality and theme of your wedding. It is a good idea to look at bridal magazines like "Wedding Essentials", Metro Weddings, Bride and Home or visit to compare the various styles and colors.

Tips to save Money: Consider renting a first hand gown or buying one secondhand. Renting usually costs you less that its retail price. You can consider this practical option if you are not planning to preserve the gown. Another way to save money is to restore or refurbish a family heirloom gown.

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