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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As a mother, it's always my priority to see my children happy and healthy.  That's why, i only trust brands that can give them the right product to help them keep healthy.

Ceelin Plus with Zinc is a combination of ascorbic acid and zinc from Unilab is very important for growing children especially active one like my Peachy and Ritz.  It was full packed of anti-oxidants and nutrients that can help protect their body from free radicals especially at this period that their immune system is not as fully developed such as ours. 

Zinc helps our muscles and bones to be stronger and to provided proper growth and development especially at this time that they are growing up. 

Since it helps their body to be strong and immune from sickness, I can be assured that their days are more happier. From then, till now, we only trust the best and I for once, i never felt disappointed since my children rarely get sick.

Here's a picture of our Peachy, year's back.   You can check out Unilab and it's other products  at Facebook to learn more new updates. 


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