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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Everybody has been pointing fingers of whose at fault and whose to blame but at this time of a massive disaster and tragedy, what we need is a helping hand to keep things in order and to get everybody cope up with the loses. Come to think of it even the  mississauga plumber or  anybody would not be prepared for such devastation that befall the provinces of Leyte, Capiz and Iloilo who suffered under the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda. 

Foreign countries have made their pledges to help and others have already given their share.  But with the latest news that not enough relief goods was given to the survivors is just really too sad.  We can't blame the local authorities for their lack of capabilities to handle in this sort of problems but i do hope others would think of the fact that they are too are victims here.  We might never know that some of them perhaps have lost a love one but definitely one fact is certain.  They have felt hunger and fear too.  At this period, professional help is much needed and the government needs to act fast but with the lost of confidence to our corrupt authorities, it's jut too sad that reminders of being corrupt was taken in account and the fact that they kept their silence of pledge to help those in needs.  

My only thought is, that even though they have kept their silence, they are doing what was needed without any broadcasting them which is more important at this period. Much into consideration plumbing contractors toronto would be a great help on restoring the water system which was badly needed. 

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