Home Design Problems That Lighting Can Solve

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lighting is a primary element of home design, and good lighting can be the hero of any design or architectural mishap. While every homeowner would naturally aim for perfection when it comes to putting together the details of home design, mishaps and certain disappointments can be inevitable. Luckily, though, most of these design or architectural letdowns are pretty much resolvable with the right lighting style and technique.
The following are some of the most common home design problems that good lighting techniques can turn around:
  1. Small spaces that give a cramped look and feel.
One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is lack of space in their home, which usually gives it a stifling feel. Cramped spaces can be remedied by lights that are projected towards the ceiling, which can give the impression of expanse throughout the room. This can be achieved best by a floor lamp or a pendant light that directs light in an upward direction.
  1. Modern spaces that lack pizzazz.
Because of the monochromatic, straight, clean lines that are pretty much characteristic of modern home designs, they have this tendency to be boring and quite lacking in that oomph factor. If you find this to be a problem in your modern style home interior, adding a statement chandelier that’s just the right size and design for your chosen room should be your best bet. Unconventional shapes and patterns could also add a contemporary and interesting detail to an otherwise bland interior. Many of such designs are designed and manufactured by Flos lighting. See all the stunning lighting made by Flos lighting from here.
  1. A home office wherein the environment is counterproductive.
You might wonder why, of all the places in the world, your home office is the last place you would be when finishing projects. The computer glare is just too much, and the lack of ambient light makes you feel sleepy. Good office lighting is crucial to productivity, so if you are feeling unproductive in the one you have at home, try tweaking the lighting style. Add a few wall sconces for that soothing ambient light, a good task light, and some more ambient lighting behind your computer screen to help reduce glare, and consequently lessen the incidence of migraines and eye strain as well.
  1. Your beautiful painting seemingly looking flat and bland.
You probably bought something just a little bit shy of a real Picasso, but are still baffled why your personal space still looks bland and flat. In this case, utilizing accent lights to highlight works of art like paintings, statues, or jars can very well add drama and depth to the room. Picture lights, for example, are a great way to highlight a beautiful painting.
  1. A beautiful outdoor landscape that is hardly appreciated during evening gatherings.
Your outdoor space may well reflect your green thumb, but the question is: does its glory show in the evening as it does in daylight? If you believe your garden should shine in the night for you (and perhaps your occasional guests) to admire, then landscape lights will be a handy solution to your concern.

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