When it's time to stop

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

They say opportunity knocks once in your life and if you got them, you need to grab it immediately and hold unto it before it's too late.   Easy to say but it's great to think that you can get the chance to have the opportunity of your lifetime but for some it doesn't happen. 

I remember reading a story about someone who have everything in life, he knows how to play music , i just wonder if he also knew Fox Bassoons but definitely he knew his way with piano, guitar, flute and even saxophone. He used to create musical piece, compose beautiful songs but never get a chance to have them published or sing in public or made an album. 

He waited for right time to do it all and wished for an opportunity to show his talents but that time doesn't come and after many years, he accepted the fact that it's already time for him to stop on dreaming. 

It's really sad but I guess, it was his fate.


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