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Friday, December 13, 2013

In the past, certain conditions made men more susceptible to suffering from hearing loss, such as war or work conditions in mining and other fields of work that were prone to loud noises. However, today people are losing their hearing at an alarming rate from listening to extremely loud music. The best way to avoid hearing loss is to not expose the ears to very loud music and other loud noises. 

The reason for hearing loss is that when loud noises that are too loud or are experienced for an extended period of time, the inner ear’s structure can be compromised and damaged. An explosion is an example of a sound that can occur briefly, but is loud enough to cause damage. Conversely, consistent noise, such as what can be experienced in a factory can also affect the ears significantly. The best method to avoid hearing loss is to loud noises by the use of ear plugs or other methods to protect the ears. The idea behind protecting one’s hearing is to buffer the outside noise so that it does not reach the inner ear. 

Sounds that are less than 75 decibels may not cause significant damage even if experienced for long durations of time; however, sounds over 85 decibels can. Noise at 85 decibels can be compared to heavy city traffic while sirens represent about 120 decibels. This minor change in the amount of decibels—between 75 and 85-- is enough to make a difference. In general, the quieter the sound, the longer in duration of sound is required to cause significant damage. Conversely, the louder the sound, the shorter is required in duration to cause damage. In either case, it’s best to protect the ears. 

Protecting one’s ears is not always possible. For instance, in cases of unexpected explosions, one cannot protect their ears. Likewise, firecrackers going off, gun shots and other loud noises can appear without warning. However, for noises that occur in long durations, it is easier to protect one’s ears. Carrying an extra pair of ear plugs designed to block out loud noises is the best way to avoid hearing loss. 

For hearing loss that has already been experienced, for whatever reason, a Miracle Ear hearing aid can work wonders. Clear sounds like rain on the rooftop can be experienced for the first time in a long time. For more information, see Miracle Ear on Facebook to find out the amazing things this little hearing aid can do. 

No one is safe from hearing loss. Some are born with it and some suffer a traumatic experience when they get older; although, most people experience hearing loss between the ages of 20 and 69. Some lose their hearing from listening to music that’s played too loudly in their MP3 players. Prevention is key, but at least there are methods to gain back some hearing loss through the use of hearing aids. Imagine hearing again after a long duration of missing conversations, a baby’s first word and many other moments that can be stolen from the inability to hear simple sounds. A hearing aid can recover more than just hearing; it can recover otherwise lost moments. 


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