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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

By now, you have been busy with your family and friends, gathering in a festive or perhaps a simple get together with gifts and foods in your table.  Not all of us are lucky enough to be merry this christmas season especially those people who are suffering with pain and illness or had lost one cherished family members or house perhaps.  Although, we may not able to ease their sufferings and loneliness, with an ardent prayer, we all hope that their problems will be solved eventually and they can smile and say thank you for the blessing of life. 

As we celebrate the christmas season, let us not forget the true essence of it and that's the birth of Christ who came to give us hope and everlasting refuge that even after any problems that we may encounter along the road of life, we can still feel his mighty heart showering us his love. 

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I hope that whatever you are doing right now, we can stop and enjoy the beauty of life and reminisce the good times and even the bad times of this year. 

My fervent wish of happiness and prosperity to all of us.  A Joyous Christmas to all my readers and thank you so much for visiting and taking your precious time to read my post even sometimes, i felt that it has lost it's true essence which is to share with you our musings and thoughts in life.  Nonetheless, i will try my best to give you informative post. 


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