A Brightest New Year to come

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

If you would rate your life experience on 1 to 10 for 2013, what number would you possible give?  And if you only have one word to describe the year, what would it be?

I think i would give a 6 since i never fully grasped and comprehend in my mind what really did happened last year. I see myself always ranting, crying and overly happy sometimes. But i guess, i'm just being human and wishing and hoping is just a part of my living. 

One thing i learned is that courage is more powerful that fear and taking a big leap to do the things needed to be done is one thing I have learned.  I have responsibilities as a mother, a wife, an employee and as a blogger but then i end up missing some details which is the fact that I also have a responsibility to myself and to uplift my spirit. 

So, for this year, I will try my best to do the things which is needed to be done, first and foremost is to see a doctor since my body is aging, as much as i hate to think of it but i really badly need a check-up and to drink my medicine regularly. 

Money is important but with a deteriorating health, it would lead to a very big problem in the near future.  My hands are my wealth and i have to extra take care of it as well as my eyes.  

Anyway, cheers to a brand new year.  Hoping everyone had a great blast celebrating and time to face the reality again. 


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