Choosing between Money and Love

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Choosing between your emotions and being practical does not only happen in the movies but this drama does exist in real life.

Before, I do believe that people really preferred to be with the people they care about and money was never an issue because life was just simple and people think of plain things . But as years goes by and the complexity brought by technology, culture clash, time and changes in how we see life are just few of the reasons why some people have to go through the decision of choosing money over what their heart dictates or the other way around.

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I would always choose love over money since I'm a kind of overly and hopelessly romantic. I always believe that I can earn money if I work hard for it. But for me, love is something that comes only once in a lifetime or even yet, the words, love is sweeter the second time around but choosing something else over this once in a lifetime chance may become a regret you would carry till your dying days.

Forgive me for saying this but love for me is priceless - you can never attach a price tag on love. But come to think of, just like how a line in a popular song goes - "when were hungry, love will keep us alive...". in reality love can never keep us alive.  Love will never bring food in our tables, it will not help us send our children to school, it will not be accepted as pay for your monthly dues or rentals or can even buy the things you so desire. 

Money on the other hand will do all of that for us. So in the end, we are still torn between love and money. I guess we really need both of them - choosing one over the other is not possible. If there is one thing we can do to make love and money co-exist is to add responsibility between them. Yes we can always choose the one we love, but we should make sure that love is not the only thing we can offer to our relationship or else will end up on a losing end. We need to be responsible, earn money and give a descent living to the people we chose to love. Love is not just a feeling, it always accompanied by responsibility. It is a verb, If you choose to love so you need to live up to it. 

Happy Valentines to all. 

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  1. Money matters when it comes to marriage. You have to provide to you children, feed them, send them to school and invest in their future. But ofcourse love is always important. I will always choose love over money.


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