Factors to Consider Before Buying a House in Aberdeen

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Buying a house can be very confusing for anyone. You have probably been dreaming about this day for a long time. You probably dreamt of many large and spacious bedrooms, guest rooms, and as many bathrooms as there were bedrooms. The bedrooms and bathrooms probably looked like a photograph from a luxury, boutique hotel. Your dream home would have separate living and dining areas, and parking for two or three cars. This magnificent home would be in Aberdeen and have sweeping, green lawns with well kept, manicured flower beds. Of course this is if there was no limit on how much you could afford to spend that is if money were no object. In your imagination the sky is the limit, but not so in reality.

Unfortunately, in the real world, there are the issues of budget and affordability to contend with. Funds are very often limited and therefore those individuals trying to buy a home in Aberdeen must come face to face with the fact that there will be wants and needs when buying a home. The list of must haves you may have constructed in your mind or elsewhere will need a reality check to be more in line with your budget.  

The needs on your list should consist of the essentials that you must have in your new home in order for it to be functional and for you to live there in a reasonable fashion. The wants or your wish list should be the items that will make living and functioning in your new home a bit easier and much more comfortable.

For example, when it comes to bedrooms you must have somewhere to sleep. However how many bedrooms do you need? If you are a single individual and you don’t spend much time at home or if you have very few visitors dropping in or wishing to stay over, try a one bedroom apartment. Perhaps a studio apartment could best suit the way you live with no official bedroom. Although you want or desire a two bedroom home with an extra room for guests, if there are budgetary restrictions, the studio or one apartment may be just the ticket for you.

The number of bathrooms is always a sore point in homes and for individuals shopping for a home.  Most people wish everyone in the household could have their own bathroom. If there are children involved, then usually it is much more realistic to see which children can share a bathroom.
If there are more than two or three children then perhaps one bathroom for the boys and one for the girls could suffice. Focus your attention on the location of the bathrooms for easy access for all the intended users. Jack and Jill bathrooms are great because they sit between rooms and all users have direct access from their bedrooms.

This is where a great selection of homes to look at will come in very handy. Looking at many different options will give you a true and accurate picture of what additional features in a home cost. This will give you a guide to know what to reasonably expect within your budget.

NetMovers has a wide inventory of available homes for sale in Aberdeen.
Cheri Davis writes for http://www.netmovers.co.uk/.


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