Getting out from your cocoon

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sometimes negative things can make your life worst and even if you don't like it to happen it can kill all the good ideas in your mind. All of us are facing problems, it is just different from each other.  

We all don't want them to happen but sometimes, it's unavoidable and it can even be heartbreaking and can let one goes insane. I remember the saying that goes,  there are words that are left to be unsaid and things that are meant to be done but come to think of it, we might not wanted things to end up in a bad way, it if it is destined to happen, it would going to be and all we can do is to keep our composure and take things lightly and believe that the Good Lord has sent this to us to make us a better or wiser man. 

Just like when you are going to do some things you thought you couldn't do, think again and carefully determine your thoughts and action.  Getting out from your cocoon or saying it in a plain terms, "to be able to cope up" with things that happened to your life would be the best solution. 

Things may not be done accordingly to what you have wished and hoped for but if you do things in a correct way, the distance to real happiness is not very far behind. 

Our journey in this life may not be a sweet one or very smooth sailing but if we believe that things can be great after a heavy fall, then we are aiming to the right direction of redeeming ourselves from a bad experience. 

Believe that just like the larvae in the cocoon, after this passing, we can eventually see a beautiful butterfly flying so high and embracing the beauty of the sun.  Don't ever give up. Make those dreams come true and let us all pray that our tomorrow would be fine. 

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