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Sunday, January 12, 2014

With hubby landing a new job.  We didn't expect that things would be like this.  He was assigned in a place not so far from our city but far enough to do the things around the house since most of his time will be consumed in this new work. 

Before, he used to take care of home improvement and do small repairs from electricity problems to damaged water faucet. Since getting a laborer would cost that much, he does his part to make the house beautiful by adding cabinets and some fixtures on our dining area as well in our sala. This time, i wish emergency plumbers toronto is nearby so i can rely on them in case emergency arises. 

That's why, I have some worries regarding this transfer.  All though, this is a career advancement and can help improve our financial stability, we need to sacrifice other things like taking care of the kids and being with them in times they needed him. Home management is really not an easy task. Emergency happens at the time you don't expect them and it's very unlikely for me to be calm most of the time. 

But i know this could affect him, so instead of voicing out all my worries, i'm just letting it all to myself and giving him assurance that things will work out fine for the better. Now things will be different, toronto plumbing seems the best option in case water problems occurs. 

Life is not easy that's why you need to make a lot of sacrifices.  Challenges and hindrances will always be on our way but if we keep the faith and believe that everything will be fine,  at the end of the day, you can able to look at this things as blessings from above. 


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