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Sunday, January 12, 2014

I wish they taught money in high school. What we are today comes on the fact of what we wished and done during our fast.  They say that high school life is one of the happiest moment in every student and it becomes the starting point of what we might become.

   Looking back at my high school days, I couldn't help myself not to cry for two things, being grateful that I was privilege to study without any worries of yearly tuition fees and I had the chance to get new things each year for free since it was included in my scholarship but still at the back of my head, I wished I get the chance to have some fun like any other high school student. Since I was left in the care of my grand mother, at the early age I was forced to learn to be independent and to value money.

   So reading the book I wish they taught money in high school "so I'm not dependent on my paycheck" is something I can totally relate to since even it was not a subject or a point of interest during secondary years, poverty and the will To live give me the freedom and urge to earn money and achieved the things I only dream of having. 

     The book gives ideas on how you can upgrade your financial status not just through savings. I always love the idea of having money after all who doesn't want that? The idea of having passive income and no longer slave to the paycheck is very interesting and given the basics is something worth trying. Before you can make your dreams come true, you have to have a dream. For a dreamer like me, it's just very natural to dream all the things I wanted.

    I love how the author, Ms. Clarissa pointed out that you need to have a vivid picture Of your dreams and set time limit and and put tags into it, so you can specifically know how much you need for those dreams to realize.

  The book talks on different aspect of how you can earn money. Money that doesn't come on your regular job alone. It maybe from different sources like from your services, talent, and the interesting fact is the money that derives from investments. The idea of mutual funds and stocks is not entirely new to me. My grandmother used to invest on this kind of things. She told me that if you know how to take a risk and think of the future you will positively accept this idea. It us just planting a tree today and after sometime you and your family can get to reap the fruit you planted today. 

    For years, I can say that there was never had a time that I am dependent on my paycheck, the Internet has become my source of living and to help my family meets end. Honestly, my pay check could not even pay for our monthly utility bills, add the house expenses and I guess I' will just eat eggs for the whole day but having my blogs , I can able to pay for other expenses and we can eat decent foods and somehow lavishly spend when going out. 

   Through blogging, I can able to get free stuffs like personal products, apparel, bags and shoes so I don't need to get them from our pay check. I guess the addiction for free things and winnings has done some good on me. 

      On the other hand, the book by Sharon Que is very ideal for those with money to invest, since real estate needs big capital and honestly I'm not into it, even though some friends have already encourage me on this kind of deal and partnership is not somehow my kind of thing. I would rather invest in vehicles though if i can save up some money to buy it.  The book presentation and the graphics are interesting and even a student can understand the book since it's written in plain english without the highfalutin words which i guess presented that way to reach more readers. 
       For now, I'm hoping to get rid of my loans by paying them with all my might. I'm starting with a thought of frugal living and saving up for investments. This book was really an eye opener for me to work better on my priorities and to achieve what I so desire. It opens new ideas for a brighter future and give chance for those dependent on their present situation that optimism and courage to try new things is needed for you to achieve in life, this book is a must read.  I gave it an eight stars out of ten. 

So, from now, I would do my best to live positively so i CAN UPGRADE MY LIFESTYLE. I have no idea whether this book is available on National Bookstore or local book stores near your area already but if you want to learn more about it.  You can always visit their website and contact them via the e-mail given.  


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