Hubby Help - the television broke

Monday, March 24, 2014

I hope that this would be the first and last gadget problems we will face this year, since it would be hard to replace every defective gadgets and appliances inside the home without sacrificing a lot of things. I wonder whether it's already a trend but since two years ago, each year different gadgets inside the house seems to be broken, just last year, we have to buy a new rice cooker, our dvd suddenly broke, my cellphone and two electric fans needs to be fixed and another one is still waiting to be fixed.  We have to buy a new washing machine since the old one already retired after long years of service and today, our television suddenly die on us which I couldn't bear not giving a big sigh. I remember the last time, we have our printer, we have to trade printer but when the last one was broken and until now, we haven't got the chance to get one again. 

For a medium worker, it's not easy to go on the mall to pick and buy the latest gadgets and appliances for your home, since we have other priorities and the prime needs of the family always comes first, gadgets and appliances comes last in our list but since television plays a vital role in the entertainment and recreation of the family, we have to squeeze it and make it fit in the budget and so, since it was unexpected, the supposed money should have been used for some other purposes.  


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