Sing out your worries

Sunday, March 02, 2014

What do you intend to do when all things you expect to happen didn't pushed through? I guess, your first reaction will be dismay and frustrations will somewhat succumb your thoughts and will leave you down and somewhat too lazy to do the things you need to accomplish.   Although, i have many thoughts in my mind i couldn't voice them out or sang the tune like beat thang at guitar center because it might sounds uninteresting and may cause mixed emotions to other.

Although, there are days that you will feel blue and life plans doesn't go well as you hoped them to be, console yourself with different thoughts like , this will pass soon or everything will turn out right for the better.  Strong will with strong mind can make things fall according to your desires and especially if you work hard, you will able to contradict the negative energy in your life and make it a fruitful and positive one. 

Although, literally, I don't sing out my worries since i don't know how to sing that good, i talked it out to ease the burden and sometimes, i wrote all the things that is bad and also the good one and weight in and give a consolation to myself that not everyday is a hard day, i only need to cope up with the demands of it when things goes wrong and then, i can feel some solace and face the bitter reality with a smile on my face. 

So, what do you do when your down?  Do you have particular ways or ideas doing them.  Do share them with me and i would love to hear it. 

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